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Brayer's takes care of auto repairs too!

We specialize in trucks, but we know there are millions of cars out there too. That's why Brayer's is ready to work on needed car repairs to get you and your family home safely. Rely on our honest rates and quality service.

• Batteries, hoses, and belts

• Brakes and tires

• Suspension systems

• Exhaust systems

• Tune-ups and diagnostics

• Starters and alternators

• We work with companies and fleets

Brayer's general auto repair services

Imagine how your life can change when your car is not running right. How do you get to work? What if your family has an emergency? There are hundreds of reasons why your car needs to be ready and running at all times. That's why Brayer's Auto Repair & Towing is located in the heart of Scranton and is easy to locate. There's a shopping center and dining nearby for you to visit while waiting for our top-notch care repairs. Contact Brayer's Auto Repair & Towing today!

Are you depending on your car?

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There's nothing we can't tow:

• Cars

• Small trucks

• 4x4's

• Off-road vehicles

• Box trucks

• Buses

• Motor homes

• Semi's


Getting you back on the road since 1966

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